6 Things to Do to Make Your Husband Feel Special

If you sense that your husband needs a bit of special attention, I have a solution for you. I know, because it worked for me. Here are 6 things to do to make your husband feel special:

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1 – Be Confident in Your Looks

If you are like 99% of women out there, there is some part of your looks – your face, hair, or body – that you feel could be improved upon. You may feel that you are not as attractive as you could be and that your husband might love you more if you looked better. Well, it is no secret that men are indeed attracted looks, and your husband is no exception to that rule. However, it is a lesser-known fact among women that what men care about at least as much as looks is the actual confidence that a woman exudes about her looks. That’s right: you have the power to influence how special your husband feels about the attractive woman he is with (that’s you!) merely by showing more confidence in your sexuality. Confidence is a turn-on, as any man will tell you. So, while you should continue to try to look your best, be sure to throw in a healthy dose of self-confidence in order to keep him feeling attracted to you.

2 – Do Little Things to Delight Your Husband

Think about how good it feels when someone does something nice and unexpected for you. Great, right? Well, your husband is no exception. The next time you would like to make your husband feel special, offer to do something out of the ordinary. You can do so without spending much money. For example, you could stop by the store and pick up his favorite car magazine or candy bar. Or, find one of his old favorite movies on TV and record it, then offer to watch it with him. Even try downloading or buying a song he loves – either an oldie or a new Top 40 hit. The point is, these little surprises will make him feel very special.

3 – Show Appreciation for Him

Everyone likes to be made to feel that they offer something unique that nobody else offers. We all like to feel that we are appreciated by other people – especially our spouses. Buy your husband a card or just write him a simple note and list out a few things that you really appreciate about him. Leave it where he can easily find it. He will instantly feel a little bit more special just by reading it.

4 – Make Sure He Knows You Only Have Eyes for Him

One of the best ways to make your husband feel special is to make him feel physically attractive. Let me know that you only have eyes for him – that he is the best-looking, most attractive man in the room and in your life. You wouldn’t believe how close he will feel to you if you do!

5 – Show Him the Lighter Side of Life

Like women, men love to be around someone who is positive and upbeat. While you do not need to be cracking jokes every 10 minutes to accomplish this, your man will pick up on your positive vibe and send more warm feelings your way.

6 – Find Common Interests

Your husband will feel special if you can find common interests with him. If you can find a way to become more interested in his hobbies, you are guaranteed to make him feel like a million bucks. Your husband will feel more special and validated if you show interest in what he already loves to do.

These are just 6 of the ideas I have found to help rekindle the spark in my relationship with my husband. To be honest, I did not come up with these ideas myself. Rather, I learned them from a top relationship guru who has helped thousands of other women like me.


Written by Peter Almonte

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