How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Interested In You Again – Then Win Back His Love

How to get your ex boyfriend interested in you again and then win back his love is what most women are asking after they have lost their man because of a relationship breakup. The sad thing is that most women go about it in the wrong way. They go tearing after him trying to show how much they need him and love him. If you are doing this, you are showing him that you are still interested in him, but it will not do anything to regenerate his interest in you. In fact, it will have just the opposite effect. Seeing you as needy and desperate will make him positive he did the right thing in breaking up with you.

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Why do women think that when a breakup occurs they must fall apart and begin begging their ex boyfriend to give them another chance? Why should he be interested in reuniting with someone that is an emotional mess and is not showing him that they have learned anything from the breakup. Instead of harassing him, you should be respecting his wishes to have some time to himself. You should also be looking back over the last few months to see what could be causing him to be unhappy with the relationship. This is positive action. Running after him and begging is negative action.

To get your ex boyfriend interested in you again and win back his love, it is only necessary to think back to when you first met him and started dating. The reason he started dating you is because he became interested and attracted to you. You no doubt let him take the lead in pursuing you and, in turn, you were independent and played a little hard to get. This is how you won his love to begin with. If it worked then, why won’t it work now. You are wanting to win your ex back and you cannot do it by pursuing him and looking as if you are lost without him.

You need to do a complete change in your approach if you want him to become interested in you again. All you have to do is show him the woman he fell in love with at first and he will fall in love again. To do this, you need to get control of your emotions. Go to a good salon and have them do some damage repair. Get yourself to looking good and show that self confidence you used to have. Go out with some friends and have fun. The first time or two it will not be easy, but soon you will find that you are really having fun and your ex boyfriend is not always occupying your mind.

Soon he will hear about how you have accepted the breakup and how good you look. He will have to see for himself and you will begin seeing him nearly everywhere you go. You will know that your ex boyfriend is interested in you again and you can win back his love.


Written by Peter Almonte

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