Love and Relationship: 7 Stages of Love in Relationship

“Today I love you more than yesterday, but less than tomorrow”… Does the feeling of love grow and keep getting better with every day? Yes, to a certain point of your relationship love has several stages where it starts transforming from an innocent attraction to an unconditional love. Here are seven steps to peak of love:

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  1. The Start. In this stage love is a very vulnerable feeling that depends on you just like a baby needs his mother to be suckled. If you manage to behave with this feeling in a gentle and subtle way, you will achieve the upcoming stage of the more mature love.
  2. Passion. You want it all and right now! Any hesitation or unfulfilled wishes evoke an inner anxiety. If you’re together, everything seems splendid; if something goes wrong-you can’t find peace. It is quite common that despite the strong feeling from both of the partners, couples can’t get over this stage. Impulsive behavior typical to this stage evokes the conflicts and don’t let move on. Read about this in my website below.
  3. Illusions. You are fascinated by your partner, you see him/her totally perfect and your life seems so complete. This illusion becomes a serious obstacle for a true love, because this prevents you from getting to know your partner for real. In this stage couples need to choose whether to fly in their dreams or start creating a harmonic relationship.
  4. Friendship. This stage is co called not because passion disappears, but because both partners start to know each other better and also start listening to each other. It strengthens the interrelation.
  5. Tenderness. In this stage both partners build a strong intimacy which is important for further harmonic relationship. If any tension arises, only with attention and tact along with tenderness can it all be solved.
  6. The Deep. Partners feel deep feelings for each other. They are happy together, even if the previously felt passion calmed down. It is replaced with a sincere attachment and affection, common life and hobbies which are pleasant for both of them.
  7. Unconditional Love. This stage of love lets partners take each other the way they are, discover new horizons and save their love for the years to come. And if you want to maintain this love for eternity, you have to fall in love with your partner every single day…

So in what stage is your love? I‘m sure your love triumphs and gets stronger and stronger.

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Written by Peter Almonte

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